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MBT shoes

will not only change the way you use your muscles, but will improve the use of your joints and spine,

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has a positive effect on the entire body, not just the feet. Just get a more active and


healthy posture and walk via the uniquely designed curved Masai Sensor sole, combined with correct training: Huge collections of


such as

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, MBT M.Walk Shoes, MBT Kisumu sandals,

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, MBT Change shoes, MBT Tembea, and more

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. Just enjoy healthy life from now on with these amazing fitness shoes!
  • Wellness Culture Coaching empowers wellness professionals to add peer, household and leadership support to wellness programs. Coaches receive training and culture toolkits. They also join a mutual support network of Wellness Culture Coaches. Learn more
  • Kitchen Table Talks for Wellness features 15 great conversations about creating a household culture that supports healthy lifestyles. Information about wellness strategies is followed by discussion questions. Lively and thought-provoking conversations lead to a healthy and happy household. Learn more
  • The Wellness Connections card game is about sharing our best wellness ideas, strategies and experiences. Each of the 48 cards features a great wellness question. Answers the questions reveal common interests and how we might enjoy a happy and healthy future together. Learn more
  • Wellness Leadership empowers executives, managers, wellness committees and other wellness enthusiasts to foster cultural environments that support healthy lifestyles. Leaders learn how to: (1) create a shared wellness vision, (2) serve as role models, (3) align formal and informal policies and procedures, and (4) monitor and celebrate success. Learn more
  • WellnessNow is an interactive directory that makes it easier for people to take full advantage of local opportunities to get fit, eat well, manage stress, volunteer, find a wellness professional, enjoy family activities and form health-oriented friendships. Learn more

Welcome from Judd Allen, Ph.D., President
My father, Robert Allen, Ph.D., formed our company in the 1950s to address business and social problems by empowering people to better understand and shape their cultures. We have learned a great deal about culture change over the past 50+ years. Our goal is to use this knowledge and practical experience to empower you to foster healthier and more productive cultures at work, at home and in the community. Each culture is unique, and so are its needs. As you explore our products and services, think about how they might be tailored to serve the needs of your organization or community.

Judd Allen
Judd Allen, Ph. D.
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